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Cam Ranh Bay Hotels and Resorts Dot Property Flashback

Dot Property Awards Flashback: Embracing the best of nature

Green spaces are now incorporated into residential developments across Southeast Asia. In urban areas, these...
spring cleaning 2020

4 ways you can start your spring cleaning

Chances are you have found yourself with some free time on your hands. And while...
home search at home

3 benefits of starting your home search at home

If you are one of the countless millions who have found themselves confided to the...

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real estate agents tips

4 tips for real estate agents working with international clients

Real estate agents that work with international clients face a lot of unique challenges. Local...

Ghost Month & Property: should you be worried?

Ghost Month is nearly upon us, or it's already here depending on when you’re reading...

BoxBrownie.com is the proptech company real estate agents need to know

There is an inherent personal touch that real estate agents must deliver. Even with the...

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