How to be a good real estate agent

A good real estate agent will reap the rewards. 

Regardless of whether the market is up or down, it is important to ensure that you do the very best you can to be the very best real estate agent. Competition is fierce and referrals can lead to substantial business so follow our top tips to set yourself aside from your competitors.


1. Maintain communication.

This has to be the biggest mistake a real estate agent makes: a lack of communication. You need to remember that your client’s number one priority is finding that perfect property, so make sure that your client feels like they are your number one priority. Make them feel as if they are your only client even if they are one of 10. It is so important to maintain communication whatever the stage of the search or transaction. Picking up the phone takes seconds to give an update. Make them feel special and that they are fresh in your mind.

2. Always prepare well in advance.

As a good agent, it is your job to be knowledgeable and know everything you possibly can about the property market. Take time to familiarise yourself with every property so that you can answer questions during the viewing. It is even pays to visit the property ahead of your viewing if you have not been there before so that you know what is behind every door. It pays to do your homework!

3. Always tell the truth.

Don’t lie or try and cover up the truth as it may come back to get you later! Be honest and don’t exaggerate the truth as you have a reputation to uphold. A good agent is one who listens to both their buyer and seller and negotiates for both of them to achieve the best possible sell. There is no point in over promising and losing a sale. Ascertain the position of both parties to work hard to come to an agreement to bank that sale and move onto the next.

4. Invest in marketing.

Marketing is key in the success of any product. Many people spend time browsing the Internet before they go out and view properties so make sure you have good images for all your listings, you keep your inventory up to date and you market your properties on Dot Property. You will soon see the leads rolling in!