Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange is set to bring much needed residential innovation to Taopoon-Bangsue, an area currently transforming into the largest mass transit hub in Thailand. The condominium is being developed by SENA Hankyu, a joint venture between SENA Development and respected Japanese property firm Hankyu Realty, who are committed to creating an urban oasis unlike anything currently found in Asia.

In order to accomplish this, Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange is the first condominium in the region to have facilities spread across 30 floors. There are co-working spaces, kid’s clubs, games rooms, lounges, yoga studios and more in the building. And on the 38th floor is the fully-equipped Sky Fitness centre and an infinity-edge swimming pool.

The floors and facilities have been grouped into seven unique “villages” that come together under a special theme. Village concepts include entrepreneur, student and family with the facilities on these floors catering to the lifestyle of each group. The villages were designed to promote a happy, healthy life by providing ample support to residents.

Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange
A look at one of the villages in Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange

This concept is enhanced in each condominium unit thanks to Hankyu Realty’s Geo fit+ and My Select innovations that are designed to improve everyday life comfort, convenience, safety and best use of space. My Select allows owners to choose a condominium unit design to suit a set lifestyle. The Working Zone option is designed for those who want a space at home that supports their professional efforts and aspirations while the Relaxing Zone option is for those who want their home to be a stress-free environment.

Condominium units in Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange are fully furnished and fitted utilising Geo fit+, a collection of cutting-edge products and designs developed by Hankyu Realty based on the opinions and suggestions they received from those living in their developments. Geo fit+ innovations optimise space and provide residents with peaceful living that meshes with their pursuits and passions.

Taopoon-Bangsue and the changing face Bangkok

Bangkok’s Taopoon-Bangsue area is relatively unknown when compared to the popular stations along the Sukhumvit Line, but that is set to change. By 2020, it will be home to the largest mass transit hub in Thailand. Taopoon itself is where the MRT Blue Line and Purple Line intersect while work continues on the nearby Bangsue Central Station that will revitalise this part of the city.

The station will become a key link for local, domestic and international travel as the government looks to create a single hub for rail services.

Local connections – There will be up to four mass transit lines that connect at Bangsue Station in the future with the Blue Line, Purple Line, Dark Red Line and Light Red Line all slated to pass through.

Domestic connections – Bangsue Central Station will be the originating station for two high-speed rail lines: the Bangkok-Chiang Mai route and the Bangkok-Nong Khai route.

International connections – Plans are currently being discussed for the station to be utilised as part of rail lines that would connect Bangkok with several neighbouring countries as well as China in the future. It will also serve as a connecting point for the Airport Rail Link with direct connections to both Don Muang Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

These projects highlight the potential of Taopoon-Bangsue. The ability to get around town quickly is something most people appreciate, especially millennials whose routines are far less regimented than previous generations. As the new mass transit and high-speed rail lines are completed, no area will be able to match the connectivity of Taopoon-Bangsue.

The surrounding area also appeals to the growing number of entrepreneurs, digital nomads and tech-savvy workers who appreciate local Thai traditions along with modern conveniences. Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange is a short distance from the popular Chatuchak Market and Chatuchak Park, two destinations that continue to embrace the traditional Bangkok vibe.

Modern conveniences are also nearby. The soon-to-be completed Gateway Bangsue will infuse Taopoon-Bangsue with shopping and dining options while a Tesco Lotus hypermarket is already open. As the area grows, more retail and dining offerings will spring up in addition to the local shops and eateries already here.

Reasonable price for the exceptional at Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange

A look at the Sky Lounge, one of the many amenities
The Sky Lounge, one of the many amenities in the development

Presale unit prices at Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange start from THB3.2 million (USD 102,000) or approximately THB 114,285 (USD 3,643) per square metre which is less than the average selling for grade A condominiums launched in the Taopoon-Bangsue area on a price per square metre basis, according to research from Knight Frank Thailand.

The attractiveness of the price for units in Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange becomes clearer when you compare it to grade A condominium prices in the nearby Ratchayothin area. Despite not having the same level of current or future transit links that Taopoon-Bangsue has, the average selling price of a condominium here is THB 162,000 (USD 5,162) per square metre. This is 40 percent higher than the average price in Taopoon-Bangsue.

There is more to Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange than the excellent location. From the development’s unique seven villages concept with facilities spread across 30 floors to the fully furnished units that implement Geo fit+, Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange is an innovative condominium that meets the exacting demands of modern residents.

Knight Frank is the sole agent of Niche Pride Taopoon-Interchange. The firm’s international arm will bring the project across the Asia Pacific region.

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