How to take a good photograph

Help your client and their property by taking professional photographs. 

A photograph says a thousand words. Professional photography makes a property look its best and can easily be achieved following these simple steps.

1. Take a step back.

Have a good look at the property. Is there anything in the room which may not photograph well? If there is a bright orange throw covering the sofa, it is likely that this will become the focal point of the image drawing your eye to this rather than the room itself. Remove anything that may stand out and detract from the room’s other features.

2. Select suitable lighting.

Don’t photograph a room that is blazing in sunshine or in the pitch dark. Open the curtains, play around with the lighting and be mindful of any unwanted reflections. Taking a good photo is an art form so don’t rush it.

3. Invest in the right equipment.

It pays to use a professional camera with a wide angled lens. It might seem a costly outlay but it will soon quickly pay off, plus the quality of the listing will quickly improve.

4. Test.

Take some test photos and study them closely to see if there is anything that is not making the property look its best. You may not notice until the photo is taken that the cushions are crooked or even worse your reflection is shown.

5. Choose the best images only.

There is no need to upload every single photo. Edit and be selective in the ones you choose. Images of unmade beds or messy rooms certainly will not work, so think of your listing as an advertisement for a five-star hotel and you will quickly get the business rolling in!